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The Dachshund Personality – Paige

The Dachshund Personality

– by Paige

  • Big dog disposition in a small form factor;
  • Intensely loyal — loving you on your worst hair day;
  • Great cuddlers; always available with a snakey lick;
  • Super affectionate ardent debunker of the “no-hug myth”;
  • Easy keepers, low-shedders, but don’t mess with my feet!;
  • Great watch dogs; you’ll always know if something’s amiss;
  • Wears clothes well, especially if they’re very expensive;
  • Smart enough to fool you; THEY DO UNDERSTAND.
  • Will keep you active even on lazy days;
  • Will stare into your eyes with absolute adoration;
  • Has a variety of energy levels for doing most everything;
  • Will be empathic when no one else knows or cares;
  • Will defend loved ones with their life;
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