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A bit about us…

Welcome to Royalworth Kennel. We are second generation breeders and caretakers of the wonderful miniature long-haired dachshund. Our foundation dogs come from the finest international lines and are carefully bred to produce pups with the best possible, health, personality and beauty. Our dogs come with life-time support and boarding privileges.

Royalworth pups are all expected to become gorgeous, well-balanced adults, who are warmly affectionate with family and properly cautious with strangers. Occasionally, we also have lovely adult dogs available to exceptional homes.

Please view our available pups and dogs, and contact us with any questions. We are always pleased to speak with other dog lovers!

Hanging around our place…

Learn more about us…

Photo of Owner, Tina DuboisYou are the best!
We are so happy with our two babies and have you to thank. Best puppy breeder, ever!

– Tina D., Portsmouth, VA, “Best VA Realtor!”
See Tina’s Full Profile on Top Agent Magazine.

Adoption Information…

Canine Companion Package

Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Advanced, Comprehensive, Up-to-Date Healthcare;
  • Health Certificate from a USDA Certified Veterinarian;
  • A Record of Veterinary Care and Immunization/Prevention;
  • A Microchip and Prepaid, Lifetime Registration;
  • American Kennel Club, (AKC), Registration and Pedigree;
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty;
  • Thirty-Days of Pet Health Insurance, where permitted;
  • An Extensive Support and Care Information Package;
  • A Rehoming Care Package, subject to location limitations;
  • And other things to make your new family member a joy!

Our Adoption Process

Select the available pup of your choice, or decide upon the kind of pup you’d like to reserve, and fill out our Prospective Owner Application.

Once we’ve received your Prospective Owner Application, we’ll contact you about reserving your pup and ask for your deposit.

A few days before your pup’s rehoming date, we’ll take your pup for a dedicated physical and obtain a Health Certificate from a USDA accredited Veterinarian. Immediately thereafter, you’ll receive a copy of this and your “New Owner Information Packet.” You may then pick up your pup and care for the balance, or if your pup is traveling to you, care for the balance the day before travel as we don’t have time for banking the day of.

The Dachshund Personality

or the Joys of Living with a Long-Haired Dachshund

Puppy staring into your eyes...

  • Big dog disposition in a small form factor;
  • Intensely loyal — loving you on your worst hair day;
  • Great cuddlers; always available with a snakey lick;
  • Super affectionate ardent debunker of the “no-hug myth”;
  • Easy keepers, low-shedders, but don’t mess with my feet!;
  • Great watch dogs; you’ll always know if something’s amiss;
  • Wears clothes well especially if they’re very expensive;
  • Smart enough to fool you; THEY DO UNDERSTAND.
  • Will keep you active even on lazy days;
  • Will stare into your eyes with absolute adoration;
  • Has a variety of energy levels for doing most everything;
  • Will be empathic when no one else knows or cares;
  • Will defend loved ones with their life;

One of our dear studs…

I’d been looking for some time for just the right puppy. When I called Royalworth, they were immediately helpful and friendly and promised to pick the best puppy to fit my needs. And they did! He and I were best buds as soon as we met. Then I took him to the vet and he said, “My compliments to the breeder. They really know what they’re doing. This puppy is in excellent health and has clearly been carefully bred.” Besides the fact that he’s a love, that rather sums it up. 

– David Swift, Orlando, FL

Thank you for visiting with us!