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What is an AKC Registered Kennel Name?

Here is an abstract from the “Registering a kennel name is an optional service provided by the American Kennel Club to help breeders protect their reputation and legacy. Registering a kennel name is very much like copyrighting a name for one’s sole use in the naming of members of a particular breed of dog. All dogs of that breed will require the kennel name owner’s permission to use the protected name anywhere in the name of dogs of the applicable breed. A Registered Kennel Name is treated as an organization and, as such, can be both the registered owner of dogs and the breeder of litters. Registered Kennel Names are also known as ‘protected’ kennel names.”

Why this is important to you… (protection from fraud)

Generally speaking, a breeding program must accomplish its AKC Breeder of Merit to qualify for a reserved kennel name. The AKC Breeder of Merit program requires a demonstration of excellence in breeding and the application of AKC standards in practice. Few programs accomplish this worthwhile goal although it is a distinguishing mark of a breeder’s knowledge, and care. In our state, there are only about a dozen in-breed programs that qualify, and of those, few make puppies available to the public. “Royalworth” is an AKC Registered Kennel Name. As such, other programs using “Royalworth” in their name are likely to be fraudulent and cannot register dachshund puppies under this name.

To verify our information, you may check our marketplace listing on the website or contact the AKC. Please see the details below.
Royalworth’s AKC Marketplace page:
AKC Customer Service Phone Number: +1.919.233.9767

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