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Royalworth’s Handsome Angus

A Classic Shaded Red Miniature Male Dachshund,
– Adopted by the charming Dalton and Patrick Family –


Birthday: December 25, 2019

Sex: Male

Color: Red, shaded

Coat: Longhair

Projected Adult Weight: 10-lbs.

Available: March 2020

Our Ideal Owner…

Angus is a classic shaded Red boy with excellent structure and a sweet temperament. He is a smaller boy and should have an especially beautiful adult coat. He has moderate energy and favors being a lap dog after a bit of play. Our ideal owners will want a moderately active dog and be available to offer lots of affectionate and companionship. Angus will make a great addition to a loving family.

This pup will be registered with the American Kennel Club, (AKC), and reciprocal kennel clubs.

Video chat appointments and pedigrees are available upon request.

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