Upcoming Availability

* Winter – Spring 2020 *

Thank you for your interest in our program. Our upcoming plans are listed in the table below. Of course, plans are subject to change, but its a glimpse of our aims. You may note that we’ve included availability from programs we work with and/or support. If you’re seeking something we haven’t listed, please contact us, as do offer custom breedings. Our general goals remain the same:

  • Excellent physical and emotional health;
  • Therapy/ESA quality temperaments;
  • Show-quality structure/appearance;

Additionally, we will be placing some foundation stock, (restricted to mature breeding programs), and retirees, (for pet homes only). Please contact us for additional details.

(Please note: Unless otherwise marked, all referenced litters will be longhaired miniature dachshunds. Thank you.)

SireDamStatusPossible Color(s)
Sire: JulesDam: JewelStatus: Arrived!Litter Notes:
BlackRedBlue - 2M/2F
1 Mahogany Red Female;
1 Black and Tan Female;
1 Mahogany Red Male;
1 Blue Dapple Male - reserved;
JulesMaggie (of Sugarbakers)Arrived! March 3, 2020BlackRedCreamChocolate
Shaded Reds; Likely Show Prospects; 2 Females, 1 Male;
AshtonSplendorApril 5, 2020Cream
Predominantly Pale Golden Clear Creams; Possibly Cream Piebalds; Likely Show and/or Therapy Prospects;
JaxChanel (of ChanelleDox)April 9, 2020Cream
Beautiful Clear Creams and Pale Shaded "English" Creams; Some Likely Show Prospects;
LennonAbbyApril 14, 2020Cream
Beautiful Clear Creams and Pale Shaded "English" Creams; Likely Show/Breed and/or Therapy Prospects;
LennonBellaPendingBlackCreamChocolate Blue
Predominantly Pale Creams and Faux Blues; Some Likely Show/Breed Prospects;
Predominantly Mahogany Reds; Likely Show Prospects;
Predominantly Black & Tan with or without Dapple markings; Dual CH-Line Breeding;

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