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Upcoming Availability

The table below shows litter plans for 2020. Please contact us for additional details. Thank you. 

Thank you for your interest in our program. Our upcoming plans are listed in the table below. Of course, plans are subject to change, but its a glimpse of our aims. Please be aware that we occasionally include availability from other programs that we support. If you’re seeking something we haven’t listed, please contact us, as do offer custom breedings. Our general goals remain the same:

  • Excellent physical and emotional health;
  • Therapy/ESA quality temperaments;
  • Show-quality structure/appearance;
Possible Colors:
AfriVivian5/7/2020LongMales: 1 Black and Tan; Females: 1 Black & Tan Dapple, 1 Chocolate Dapple - ReservedDual Champion LinesRoyalworth
CurlyRed5/21/2020LongAmerican Reds and English CreamsSNT Lines, Excellent CAN Structure; LargerRoyalworth
CurlyAlpha5/23/2020Long"English" CreamsRepeat Breeding, Show prospects; Pale - medium GoldRoyalworth
LennonAngelDue JuneLongClear CreamsRepeat Breeding, Show Prospects, Off-White, Pale GoldRoyalworth x Sugarbakers
IzzyFlameDue JuneLongMahogany RedsRepeat Breeding, Show Prospects, Mahogany Red, EU ConformationRoyalworth x Sugarbakers
LennonChloeDue JuneLong"English" CreamsShaded Creams, Pale - Medium GoldRoyalworth x Sugarbakers
RomeoDjoan7/28/2020LongMahogany Reds, Black & Tan, Red SablesChampion Breeding, Traditional Show Prospects
CalebCocoAugustLongClear CreamsShow Prospects, Likely Off-WhiteRoyalworth x ChanelleDox
Jax*LolaEarly FallLongClear CreamsShow Prospects, Likely Pale GoldChanelleDox
LennonLokiEarly FallLongClear CreamsRepeat Breeding, Off-White & Pale GoldRoyalworth x ChanelleDox
DandyLivieDecemberLongBlack and Cream, Silver DapplesChampion Lines, Show ProspectsRoyalworth x ChanelleDox
GerardLanieAugustLongShaded RedsRepeat Breeding, Dual Champion LinesRegal Red Dachshunds
GerardIsabelleOctoberSmoothReds, Shaded RedsDual Champion LinesRegal Red Dachshunds

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