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Legal: Prospective Owner Application

Prospective Owner Application

Welcome! Thank you for visiting and your interest in our pups. Help us help you by completing our application. However, please note that only the fields marked with an “*” are actually required. Thank you, The Royalworth Team

Help us learn about you….

Help us learn about your familiarity with the breed….

Help us understand your prospective pup’s home life….

Help us to understand your ideal pup….

Completing the remainder of this section is unnecessary if your application only relates to a specific pup(s). Thank you.

Please note: We require that pups over the age of 4-months receive basic obedience training for their wellbeing. Contact us for details.
Please note: If you are seeking a smooth, silky wire, or wire-haired dachshund, please contact us for a referral.

We recommend sending us photos of three adult dachshunds whose appearance you like.

You may email them to, or paste links in the box below.

Help us to understand your thoughts on care and training for your prospective pup….

Please note: All canines are placed without breeding rights unless explicitly contracted in advance. Thank you.

Other things we'd appreciate knowing….

(Pick him/her up at Royalworth? Have us meet you at a mutually agreed upon location? Have your pup brought to a location near you, or to your home?)


By signing below, I certify that I am at least 21 years of age, that I have completed this form as accurately as possible, and that I will assume full responsibility for the care of any dog I adopt from Royalworth Kennel, Inc. Furthermore, I understand that at no time is a canine from Royalworth Kennel, Inc., transferable to another owner without the express written consent of Royalworth Kennel, Inc., hereinafter referred to as “ROYALWORTH” .

I further agree to the following:

I understand that completing this adoption application does not guarantee that a pup will be made available to me and that it is the sole right of ROYALWORTH to offer or withdraw a canine for sale without explanation.

Additionally, I understand that any fees paid toward the purchase of a canine from ROYALWORTH are non-refundable unless ROYALWORTH withdraws the canine from sale and/or the canine is found to be unwell prior to sale. Should such a circumstance arise, I understand that any fees paid to ROYALWORTH shall be promptly refunded.

Finally, I agree that entering my email in the field below and clicking the “Submit” button constitutes my electronic signature and agreement to all the terms stated herein.

(Entering your email address above serves as your digital signature and agreement to the terms herein.)
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