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Citrus County Marching Band: Paradachs Regiment

Citrus County Marching Band:
Paradachs Regiment

par.a.däks /ˌreg·i·ment
The CCMB: Paradachs Regiment is a well-organized marching band led by dachshund mascots that serve the greater Citrus County, Florida, area, adding joy, entertainment, and celebration to regional events.

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A Note About the Paradach Dachshunds…

Please be aware that the Paradach dogs are only available through select AKC Breeders of Merit and are costly as they must pass multi-generational full genome genetic testing, structural evaluation, and temperament evaluation before being considered for training. These dogs make exceptional pets, ESA/Therapy dogs, and AKC Sport Dogs, but should only be considered by mature, stable families in a position to cover the cost of their development and care. Thank you.