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Royalworth’s Golden Lily

A Beautiful Clear Cream Miniature Longhaired Dachshund Female

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Royalworth Kennel



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January 6, 2022

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May 13, 2022



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*Scale: 1 (low) – 10 (high)

Fully Health Tested Award

IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) is not present in the last 4 generations.
(IVDD is the common cause of back disability in 8 or so small dog breeds. Genetic testing is unavailable so we monitor by veterinary exam and heritance.)

Eyes, teeth, patellas, hips, and testies are observably good and will be examined by a USDA Veterinarian prior to rehoming.
(Please note: We recommend formal patella testing generally be done after 2-years of age.)

Both Parents are PRA Clear.
(Progressive retinal atrophy, (PRA), is a group of degenerative diseases that affect the eyes. With this disease, the eyes deteriorate over time, eventually leading to blindness.)

Both Parents are
100% Genetically Clear.
(We submit our breeding dogs to full genome genetic/DNA testing through Mars Veterinary ruling out over 200 diseases that may be heritable.)

Canine Description…

Lily is a clear cream, miniature longhaired dachshund female out of Canadian champion lines. These pups are born white and typically become a pale gold color over the first-year month of life.
As longhairs, the coats on these pups are expected to grow as the pup does. (The longhaired dachshund coat is considered mature at 2-years-old.) Lily is expected to be an especially beautiful adult.
Lily has a very friendly disposition, with an earnest nature that is eager to please. She is a middle-of-the-pack pup who’s ambitious in play and loves cuddling when she’s done. She is a pleasant dog to train and may be suitable for ESA/Therapy work as well as loving companionship.

Both of Lily's parents have been subjected to full genome DNA testing. At present, this testing checks for a predisposition to over 200 canine diseases, 6 of which are dachshund specific including PRA, (which causes blindness), and Epilepsy. Both parents were found to be 100% clear of all mal mutated genes. (Note: When both parents are genetically clear, they cannot pass a propensity to a disease they do not possess.) Thus, Lily has an exceptional foundation for a healthy, long life.

If we may answer any questions, please contact us. We thoroughly enjoy hearing from other dog lovers!

Best Regards,
The Royalworth Kennel Team

Additional Photos…

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Notable Potential & Current Training…

Notable Potential:

Loving Pet, ESA/Therapy, Foundation Stock

Current Training:

Infant Development Program, Puppy Basics


Sire (Dad)

Royalworth's Golden Ash of Grendox

Ashton is as sweet-tempered and beautiful as they come. He is a delight to work, play or just hang out with. A calm and easy-going low-rider.

Dam (Mom)

Sugarbakers Tirzah Lucy Sparkles at Royalworth

Lucy is a beautiful cream girl with a happy, outgoing disposition. She's always ready with a friendly greeting and a willingness to cuddle.

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