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Royalworth’s Golden Ash
For the Lovely Diane, Rachel and Lydia Family!

A Beautiful Pale Red, Cream Carrying, Male Longhaired Miniature Dachshund Puppy

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Royalworth Kennel



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March 15, 2023

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*Scale: 1 (low) – 10 (high)

Fully Health Tested Award

IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) is not present in the last 4 generations.
(IVDD is the common cause of back disability in 8 or so small dog breeds. Genetic testing is unavailable so we monitor by veterinary exam and heritance.)

Eyes, teeth, patellas, hips, and testies are observably good and will be examined by a USDA Veterinarian prior to rehoming.
(Please note: We recommend formal patella testing generally be done after 2-years of age.)

Both Parents are PRA Clear.
(Progressive retinal atrophy, (PRA), is a group of degenerative diseases that affect the eyes. With this disease, the eyes deteriorate over time, eventually leading to blindness.)

Both Parents are
100% Genetically Clear.
(We submit our breeding dogs to full genome genetic/DNA testing through Mars Veterinary ruling out over 200 diseases that may be heritable.)

Canine Description…

Welcome! Royalworth's Golden Ash is a stunning shaded cream male longhaired miniature Dachshund puppy who is sure to capture your heart. His sweet and gentle nature, combined with his cream coloring, makes him a great choice for those seeking a beautiful, affectionate and mellow companion.

As a breed, Dachshunds are known for their affectionate and loyal nature. And as a puppy, Ash exhibits all the qualities that make Dachshunds beloved family companions. Ash is a mellow little boy, who shows keen interest in people, does well with other dogs and demonstrates solid intelligence in training. Because he is a male, Ash is likely to especially cherish his lapdog privileges and take his watchcare responsibilities seriously, typically prioritizing closeness to the family over adventure.

Ash's longhaired coat is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. The longhaired Dachshund coat matures between 2-3 years old. Moreover, his coat type makes him a genetic low-shedder, so he should be an easy dog to keep clean and well-groomed.

His shading is characteristic of the traditional English Cream Dachshund and as an English Cream Ash was born with a black coat that is genetically programmed to transforms into a beautiful cream during his first few months of life. You can expect that he will continue to drop most, if not all of the black hair through the body, perhaps retaining just a bit at the end of his ears and on his tail. This unique coloration not only enhances his visual appeal but also captivates AKC judges as it accentuates his form and makes his expressions particularly striking.

In terms of health, longhaired miniature Dachshunds like Ash have a reduced risk of Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) compared to other coat types. Furthermore, both of Ash's line has undergone full genome DNA testing and are 100% clear of the 200+ diseases tested. This ensures that Ash comes from a healthy lineage, as parents cannot pass on an illness that they don't possess.

Ash is currently at an optimal age for adoption and has already benefited from Puppy Culture activities, which focus on mental development, exposure desensitization, and early socialization. He has also begun his training journey with a reputable Hernando County Trainer, where he is learning essential tasks such as "Place," "Look," and leash etiquette. Ash is crate trained and has established an indoor/outdoor potty routine since he was five weeks old. While he is too young neurologically to “hold it" and so it not fully potty trained, our early training has retained his healthy instinct for cleanliness and familiarity with going outside on the grass makes outside training much easier for prospective owners.

With a projected adult energy level of 4 on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high), Ash strikes a perfect balance between activity and relaxation. He will happily engage in playtime, join you for walks and adventures, and equally enjoy cuddling sessions. His sweet, quiet, and gentle temperament will bring warmth and companionship to any loving family.

Adopting Golden Ash includes a comprehensive package of benefits, including a Limited Lifetime Warranty and Support, a Starter-Puppy Pack, up-to-date veterinary records, and premium access to Dog-Chat for 24x7 advice. Additionally, optional, no-cost insurance for the first month and step-by-step instructions and shopping guides will help you prepare for his arrival. We are committed to supporting our owners in establishing a happy routine and relocation for this little boy.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to welcome Ash into your life and experience the incredible bond that a Dachshund can offer.

Best Regards,
The Royalworth Kennel Team

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Notable Potential & Current Training…

Notable Potential:

Loving Pet, ESA/Therapy

Current Training:

Infant Development Program, Puppy Basics


Sire (Dad)

Royalworth's Cadbury Cream Pie

Royalworth's Cadbury Cream Pie is a gorgeous shaded cream piebald male longhaired miniature Dachshund. He is a fantastic stud with a stunning coat pattern and outstanding temperament. Cadbury is flately one of the best tempered dogs we've ever known. He has a fantastic health record, ensuring the well-being of future generations. With a mellow temperament, Cadbury is easy to train has strong and loving bonds with all members of our family. As an adult stud, he brings his outstanding qualities to our breeding program. Contact us to learn more about his upcoming litters.

Dam (Mom)

Royalworth's Delightful Daphne - ML

Daphne is a beautiful black and tan female miniature longhaired Dachshund and a delightful companion. Her optimal size and weight make her the perfect addition to any family or living situation. Daphne has a strong, shorter-backed structure while retaining good ribbing. As such she is a wonderful dam for producing beautifully proportional backs. Daphne's coat color is striking, with her black and tan markings, that appear more like a cream, giving her a particularily striking face. Daphne is a hearty little girl and easily went through basic obedience training, socialization, and outdoor potty training. Her temperament is truly endearing, as she is sweet, affectionate, and not demanding. She thrives on human interaction and is highly tolerant of strangers. With an adult energy level of 4 (1-10 scale), she strikes the perfect balance between mellow and active, enjoying playtime, walks, and cuddling in equal measure.

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