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Royalworth’s Radiant Sunshine – ML

Royalworth's Radiant Sunshine - ML

Royalworth's Radiant Sunshine, affectionately known as Sunny, is a beautiful cream female longhaired miniature Dachshund. Her gentle nature and stunning appearance make her a beloved member of our Royalworth family. Sunny has a beautiful structure and is an ideal 10.5lbs while still having a strong chest and solid build. Sunny's coat is a pale shaded cream. As some do, Sunny has dropped most of her shading, leaving her with a lovely, uniform cream color. Her coat is soft to the touch is easy to maintain. Sunny is a hearty girl, has great health and moderate energy. She is an easy, happy-spirited dog who is well-balanced in wanting attention and finding her own diversions. She is a great nurturing mother, caring for her puppies with patience and obvious enjoyment.

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