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Royalworth’s Delightful Daphne – ML

Royalworth's Delightful Daphne - ML

Daphne is a beautiful black and tan female miniature longhaired Dachshund and a delightful companion. Her optimal size and weight make her the perfect addition to any family or living situation. Daphne has a strong, shorter-backed structure while retaining good ribbing. As such she is a wonderful dam for producing beautifully proportional backs. Daphne's coat color is striking, with her black and tan markings, that appear more like a cream, giving her a particularily striking face. Daphne is a hearty little girl and easily went through basic obedience training, socialization, and outdoor potty training. Her temperament is truly endearing, as she is sweet, affectionate, and not demanding. She thrives on human interaction and is highly tolerant of strangers. With an adult energy level of 4 (1-10 scale), she strikes the perfect balance between mellow and active, enjoying playtime, walks, and cuddling in equal measure.

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