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Available Pups & Dogs Not Yet Online

Dear Prospective Owners,

The current demand around our dogs has meant that our time is very limited and that pups are often being placed within hours of posting. As such, we are temporarily deprioritizing listing pups online so we may give attention to communicating with our existing and prospective owners directly. This means that most of our available pups are not online and will be placed before we have time to list them. We will try to put pups up as we’re able. However, it will likely be slow. Thus, so we may continue to optimally help interested families, we’re recommending the following to assist you in finding your ideal canine companion….

  1. Please complete our Prospective Owner Application. We know forms are tedious, but by doing so we’ll learn what you’re seeking in a dog. This will allow us to quickly respond and let you know if we likely have your ideal pup or offer referrals to other ethical breeders who may.
  2. If, based upon your application, we have good candidates, we’ll ask that you plan a visit with us in-person or virtually via video chat.* (Note: We are willing to work with folks by phone, but recommend one of the two former options as more advantageous.)
  3. If you find a pup you love, we’ll offer a 24-hour courtesy hold so you may “sleep on it,” so to speak. When confident, we’ll ask that you send us your pup’s deposit.
  4. When ready, you may pick up your pup here and care for your pup’s balance at that time, or arrangements for a mutually agreed upon location will be fulfilled, and we’ll request that you care for your pup’s balance before travel as we don’t have the circumstance to do so the day of travel.#

Thank you for your assistance with this temporary arrangement. Some additional details follow.

*Regarding Visiting with Us…

Authorities permitting, if you’d like to visit us in-person we have a comfortable outside area that allows for “safe-distance” practice. As this are is outside, we recommend coming on a pleasant day and wearing play clothes. This area is setup for you to enjoy playing with our dogs. We’re available most days from 1p to Sundown EST but do require at least one day’s notice for an on-property visit.

Alternately, we’re happy to meet with you over video chat and show you our available “kids.” If you’d like to video chat, we’re available most days from 1-5p EST. A note on appointment times: The advantage of an afternoon appointment is that we can usually do the video chat outside and show you our “kids” in natural light and surroundings. However, if an afternoon appointment is inconvenient, we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment for early-mid evening.

If during the visit you find a pup you love, we’ll be happy to put the pup on a 24-hour courtesy hold. 

#Regarding Travel and Delivery

For those at a significant distance requiring delivery… We are providing in-cabin air travel with an experienced Flight Nanny to our owner’s closest international airport. Please ask us for pricing on air travel. Our apologies, but we’re unable to provide a flat rate fee as we base our fee on the actual airline fees. Not surprisingly, these are currently very low.